yoni eggs – Feel Much More Sensation And Pleasure During Sex

Shall we talk about the different vaginal eggs? Read on to learn about Yoni Eggs, their benefits and everything you need to keep in mind before purchasing a Yoni Egg!

How Can I Find The Best Yoni Egg Crystal For Myself?

Yoni Eggs are made from several varieties of gorgeous and unique gemstones.

The majority are safe to put inside, but please know that not every type of crystal is safe to be put in the yoni, especially for a prolonged period of time. Our Love Stone brand carries the below GIA certified and body safe Yoni Egg crystals:

Jade Yoni Eggs: Nephrite Jade Yoni Eggs, Blue Jade Yoni Eggs, Black Jade Yoni Eggs, Siberian Jade Yoni Eggs, White Jade Yoni Eggs, Lilac Jade Egg, Rainbow Jade Egg
Black Obsidian Yoni Eggs
Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs

Traditionally, in Taoist practices three kinds of stones are used vaginal eggs. Women would first practice with healing Jade, then introduce Black Obsidian to integrate and work with her ‘shadow,’ and after that when she feels ready, she would use Rose Quartz which has properties that are heart opening. Those crystals have actually been used for thousands of years and their healing benefits and safety are well established.

Are you interested in buying a high quality gemstone Yoni Egg? Take advantage of the many vaginal eggs and purchase one today!