How to Build a Business Website Free

One of the easiest way to create a business online website is through registration of the business with the massive search engine Google, the king of organic search. The customers interested in your business will find you here from wherever they are just by searching your company name. You need to sign up with details for a new account for free. Google has 3 fronts where it will register your account paving way for a broad access that is Google Maps, Google+ and portable mobile phones.

Website design

Then you will be required to choose a user interface and include the description of the goods and services you offer to the customers together with the photos. These will be best if it appears more appealing and attractive to anyone for best results in regard to the color, font and general style. There are a lot of already customized templates available in the internet. They are designed professionally and can be edited to suit your business domain. These templates will give you a great step in creating attractive sites having multiple pages to navigate through.


Having the basic design in place you have to include the general contents now that is description of the services offered the history of the business the purpose putting the in correct order to ensure the customer can easily access all the information he/she needs before going for your does transcribeme pay well?. You can include a page where customers can share their experience as well as discuss the issues encountered by other Big as well a small businesses. All these requires a great application of programming languages so as to make it well formed to maximize the real purpose. For best results you have to choose the best management software to use in making these. The most commonly used software is Dreamweaver others are always available for free and it will reduce the cost incurred in creating in buying them for the business.


After completing the design you need to choose the name of your business also known as domain name that includes the actual contact address that the customer can find you through. To register a domain name and hosting it usually requires specific costs since it’s just another form of advertising your business through another business of which cannot be that free. Google offers a free hosting and registration of the business address for a specified period after which the business will have to do its own hosting eventually incurring some costs. Choosing this name should be done carefully making sure it is simple and at the same time fitting the business in terms of promotions. It should not be too long avoiding mistyping, include keywords that is closely linked to what your business offers, easy to memorize targets the area in which your business is located and soul dot contain numbers or hyphens since they are very easy to cause confusion to the customers. The extension has to be appropriate. You cannot use an education or government institutions extensions for a private business.

Is it working?

After doing the above processes you need to check your website whether it’s working on major browsers since customers use completely different explorers. You will have to be a customer yourself before you have a customer. Validation of the codes used in the design phase is required to ensure that they are well formed without much error and if you find out that it has errors you have to redesign until they are all error free.


You have to maintain your website or else it will become outdated in these world of rapidly changing technology. The software used has to be able to sustain the addition of new forms, contents add on and many other activities that will take place in your website in future and to avoid losing customers it should have an easy control mechanism for all these and the main features of the system.

Web development is the main skill you need to have in order to successfully achieve maintenance in line with technology. Creating an online business website is a great way to promote businesses to customers from different parts of the world and the cost of doing could me much less.