How to Check Google Ranking

When searching the web for a decent tool to check Google SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages), I can only say that I have been completely underwhelmed by the quality of many of the available online tools. Many of them check only the first 100 results or less. Some of them are placed on very ugly sites which seem designed to get an Adsense click from the visitor.

Some of these keyword position tools produce very poor quality output, both in terms of the accuracy and in the formatting of the actual results themselves. For these reasons, I thought it might be helpful for me to post a list of the best free tools I have found for checking search engine rankings.

Search Google Position

This tool is still in testing and at the time of writing only allows 3 searches per day. However, it is easy to use, has a nice clean output and it does search the top 1000 results. Many online checkers inbox dollars reviews only check the first 100 results. You can also select the country for which to check Google – very useful if you are targeting visitors from a particular geographical region: Click Here

Google Rankings

This tool actually checks not only Google, but also MSN, Yahoo and Ask too. It is very easy to use and produces a decent, clean output. Then downside is that you need to obtain an API key from Google in order to check Google, but it does check the first 1000 results and even without obtaining a key, you can still check the other engines, so I have included it for that reason: Click Here

Easy SEO Tracking

This is my personal favourite. They have a paid and free service. But even using the free service, if you create an account, the tool keeps a track of your position for you automatically. It is very easy to use, produces a very attractive output and you can even track your competitors: Click Here

There you go. Three excellent tools for checking you sites ranking in the engines. If you know of any others, please comment below and I will personally test them out and include them here provided they are of good quality.