Make Money Online Free

A question I often hear is: how to make money online free? Well, in this post, we’ll discuss what’s necessary and examine exactly how to do that. But first, the big question is: is it really possible? I know that, when you are starting out, this can be something of a stumbling block because until you actually see your first check, you just don’t really know for sure.

Well, let me tell you that it is indeed possible to make money online without investing anything at all. In fact, that’s exactly what I teach people how to do in my system. Here’s the essence of how it can be done:

First you need some kind of website. Now there are many options for getting your website setup, but in this post we are only going to discuss free methods. Here are some places online where you can get yourself a free website:

Personally, I have tried all of the above and they are all good services. Each of them represents a way of getting you started with some kind of online presence without any outlay whatsoever. Let’s discuss each of them briefly.


Blogger is now owned by Google who bought it outright. They offer a great service. It is very easy to use and you can get a blog setup in about 10 minutes flat. When you have your blog created, you can just put Adsense on there and you will instantly have a revenue stream open.

Even my dog makes money online using this strategy. She has her own blogger blog and makes money on Adsense ads. When anyone clicks on those ads, my dog makes money. It’s as simple as that.

They also allow affiliate marketing on your blog, so you can easily earn commission by simply referring your visitors to related products. Once you are setup, it’s simply a question of promoting your blog until you get enough traffic.


The difference between creating a blog and a website is pretty much the format of the site. So, if you would prefer a web site rather than a blog, then check out Weebly. They also allow both affiliate marketing and Adsense revenue streams so again, once you have your site setup, you just need to invest in generating traffic and then you will be rolling.


Squidoo can their websites ‘lenses’. Again a lens is simply a kind of website that conforms to a particular format. Essentially, you get a single page website and you focus it around one specific theme. You can make as many as you want and they allow a variety of methods of monetisation including Adsense, affiliate marketing, eBay feeds and the like.

All of the above methods are popular and all of the above methods are also completely free, so you can see that it is perfectly possible for you to be making money online without spending any money at all. Of the above methods, I would personally recommend  healthywage scandal – Stealth Secrets Weebly if you are new to all of this. They have a great web site creator platform and some excellent tools to get you started quickly.

Weebly is actually the site we use in our own making money course The Definitive Money Engine. If you want full details of the entire process from keyword research, through site setup all the way to traffic generation, I would also recommend that you get a copy. If it is not blowing my own trumpet too much, I would say it is quite simply the best introductory course on this particular subject: i.e. making money online free.